Monday, August 30, 2010

Spas Removed in Northern California

Time to get rid of that old spa!

Many residential owners decide it's time to reclaim some of their backyard/patio space. That old spa needs to go. Last week Trusted Hauling & Clean-Up inconjunction with Spa Removers cut up and hauled off 7 spas from the backyards of residences in the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento Valley Areas. Over 4 days, 6 used spas were properly hauled off to the nearest disposal facility, and 1 spa was in excellent shape, kept intact ready for another owner. If you are looking for a great value on a pre-owned spa, see

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Picked up 3 used Retail Merchandise Units (RMU) that could be very useful to someone selling jewelry, or any smaller size products at a mall or event. These units seem durable and quite strong. We used a forklift to move theses onto our trailer for the short ride to our storage space. Email us if you need one: